Research for the digital age

Our approach aligns with the way consumers interact with the world today. In a word, it’s different. And that’s because today’s consumers are different.

Brands must break through, keep consumers engaged, and motivate them to become advocates for the brand. Unlike any research tool out there, I-Factor® will help you do just that. By marrying real-time data with emotions, the completely digital study works to garner insightful measurement of the consumer-brand relationship.

What’s Irresistibility got to do with it?

Love. Who needs it? Gone are the days when just the warm and fuzzies create loyalty for a brand. Why? Because love is no longer enough. Today’s unpredictable consumer will shift gears away from you as quickly as they were drawn to you. Love is one-dimensional and they need something more dynamic to make them stay.

So how do we get the consumer to commit? Sometimes love just isn’t enough. Today’s brands need to be Irresistible.

I-Factor® is your revolutionary brand-building tool

  • Collects data through a series of specialized questions and visual metaphors
  • Implements real-time equity tracking through Social Listening
  • Helps brands MEASURE, QUANTIFY, and RAISE their Irresistibility Factor

I-Factor® is a revolutionary digital tool that digs into the fragmented relationship between brands and today’s consumers, establishing a fresh, lasting connection

85+ Brands Benchmarked

Tested & perfected over 2 years | 16+ categories | 16k consumers |
Establishing norms & correlations across segments, categories

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