How does I-Factor® work?

I-Factor® assesses the true measurement of a consumer’s relationship with a brand.

How, you ask?

By using a series of specialized questions and visual metaphors, it allows us to tap directly into the consumer subconscious.


Uncovering insights through visual imagery

95% of all decisions are made in the subconscious. Through the use of visual imagery, we tap into the human subconscious to uncover deep-rooted thoughts and emotions that drive consumer behavior.

We must understand the “why” behind the “buy.”

The Three C’s of Irresistibility

The components that make up a solid brand-consumer relationship are found in the principles behind “The Three C’s of Irresistibility”: Comprehend, Crave, Craze.

  • Capture what the contemporary consumer is thinking, feeling, and doing
  • Create “have to have it” moments, shifting the rational to emotional
  • Compel the consumer to share your brand

Seeing the consumer in this new way can help unlock deep-seated insights that help brands understand what to say and where to say it.


Do you control your narrative or does the consumer? Comprehend uncovers what the consumer understands about your brand along with their experience with it. We’ll determine how well your brand story is resonating with the consumer. Strong Comprehend scores are at the foundation of a high I-Factor® score.


Do they have to have it? Is the consumer willing to wait in line for your brand? Crave reveals if your brand is creating the “have to have it” moment where desire shifts from rational to emotional. Here we’ll determine if your brand is connecting and building true value with the consumer.


Are they engaged on a level with your brand where they follow all of its social media channels? Have they reached the point where they simply can’t help themselves — they must talk about it? Is there buzz around your brand that has taken on a life of its own? This is Craze.

Applying interactive data, I-Factor® can inform and guide your messaging and media choices

Our Social Listening tool uses our proprietary I-Factor® algorithm to track what consumers are saying in real-time within the context of Irresistibility, revealing where you and your competitors stand with the consumer.

Word clouds and word clusters are just one way to see the consumer’s most commonly used language. To better understand the overall effect and implications of these comments and conversations, the results are directly correlated to your I-Factor® score and “The Three C’s of Irresistibility”.

By taking a proactive stance to lead the conversation between your brand and the consumer, you can filter and choose which issues and trends are the most important. Because it’s a real-time look at thoughts and opinions, you’ll engage in genuine conversation to establish transparency, authenticity, and leadership for your brand.

The I-Factor® dashboard reveals your search results while enabling interaction to uncover additional consumer behavior information towards your brand and its competitors.

To observe different population segments, the elevated platform allows you to look at your I-Factor® score through various filters.

Or you can perform a side-by-side comparison of different targets to look at the Irresistibility score for each, such as user and non-user.

I-Factor® can raise your brand’s Irresistibility

By informing your messaging and media choices, I-Factor® has the profound ability to help your brand strengthen its voice. By understanding your current I-Factor® score and working to raise it, you’ll enhance your relationship with the modern consumer, forming relationships with consumers who are now willing to spend more and share more.

I-Factor® can tell you what to say and where to say it

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