What Is Irresistibility?

That’s what the “I” in I-Factor® stands for. Today, Love is not enough for brands to achieve long term success. Love isn’t enough to move product or activate consumers. Brands need to work harder than ever to keep consumers engaged and loyal.

How does I-Factor compare to traditional research methodologies?

I-Factor is the best-of-the-best in market research, all on one digital platform. It marries the scale and reliability of quantitative data with the richness and depth of qualitative insights. Then brands can monitor the day-to-day progress with our Social Tool via text and image analytics. With I-Factor, you get the richest results in one place, in less time.

What are the 3 C’s?

The 3 C’s are the foundation of I-Factor. We’ve redefined and quantified the relationship consumers have with brands today with Comprehend, Crave and Craze.

  • Comprehend (Think) – Do customers know and understand your brand?
  • Crave (Feel) – How much do they want your brand, and what will they do to get it?
  • Craze (Do) – How much are they willing to share/broadcast your brand to friends and family?

When all three components are strong, that means your brand is truly irresistible.

How do we calculate the scores?

Scores are calculated based on survey responses, words, or image content that indicate the level of irresistibility the person has towards the brand. The responses or content feed to an algorithm that standardize scores across survey data, text data from reviews, and image data from social media. Our proprietary measure has been tested for reliability and validity against 30 categories and 22,000 consumers to perfect its predictive performance.


How long does I-Factor take?

I-Factor is fast. How fast depends on your customized study; together we’ll determine the scope of your project regarding competitive set, sample size, distribution, and market saturation, etc. Generally, a standard I-Factor Study can be completed in as little as three weeks.

How much does I-Factor cost?

I-Factor brings you reliable data, deeper insights, and social monitoring at a significantly lower cost than sourcing them separately, which is the current standard. The scope of your project will determine the number of brands studied, the category, target, survey size, etc.

Contact us today for an estimate.


Can I-Factor be customized?

Every study is custom-tailored to get actionable results for your brand. We offer any combination of capabilities from our toolkit, with additional customization across brands, target, survey construct, social platforms, etc.

More importantly, we customize studies to complement current research efforts and existing insights.

What is your recruitment process?

After consulting with the brand to determine their ideal target and needs, (e.g. brand users, non-users, loyalists, regions, specific demographics, etc.) we collect bids from the industry’s top panel providers and select the right one for the project at hand. We also use a variety of non-traditional sources like consumer databases, social media outlets, and niche markets.

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