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Why Irresistibility?

In today’s complex and fragmented marketplace, not only do more consumers have more choices on more platforms, but more brands exist on these platforms as well. These days, love just isn’t enough to keep the consumer engaged. Love is only one part of the consumer connection, so it’s imperative to look at the big picture. Brands must work harder to keep their consumer relationship current and fresh and to get and stay closer to their consumers in order to be Irresistible.

Is I-Factor Quantitative or Qualitative?

It’s both! I-Factor® marries the richness and depth of qualitative with the scale and stability of quantitative. The fully digital approach combines quantitative and qualitative data methodologies to provide actionable insights, with a quick turnaround time in as little as 4 weeks! You’ll also immediately start tracking your brand equity in real-time through Social Listening.

I-Factor marries the richness and depth of qualitative with the scale and stability of quantitative.


  • Part 1: Part 1: Our I-Factor® scores come from 18 strategically developed, rigorously tested questions measured on a 7 point Likert scale. Scores are derived similarly to other well-known tools such as Q-Scores and Net Promoter.
  • Part 2: Using a completely digital form of metaphor elicitation to tap into the consumer subconscious, we unlock the “why” behind what consumers think, feel, and believe about a brand.
  • Part 3: Social Listening allows you to perform real-time brand equity tracking to gauge the overall status of your brand-consumer relationship.
Why are the 3C’s important (Comprehend, Crave and Craze)?

After rigorous testing, we identified the 3 components of the new/modern brand-consumer relationship — Comprehend, Crave, and Craze.

  • Comprehend (Think) – measures how much and what a consumer knows about a brand
  • Crave (Feel) – how much they have to have it and what they’re willing to do to get it
  • Craze (Do) – what and how much are they willing to share with their peers

All 3 Components work collectively to measure the brand-consumer relationship. It’s not enough to be strong in just one component. To be truly Irresistible, a brand must be strong in all 3.

How does I-Factor compare to traditional methodologies?

The power is in the combination. I-Factor® is a complete immersion into the consumer’s subconscious, providing actionable insights into the consumer-brand relationship while using Social Listening to track your brand equity in real-time. This unique approach taps into what consumers are thinking, feeling, and doing — and why.

While traditional research methodologies are still valuable (such as focus groups, ethnographies, attitude and usage studies and segmentations), some can be difficult to interpret, many take a long time to be completed, most tend to be very costly, and most are not digital.

We take the best of all research methodologies and compile it into a single digital tool that helps you be faster, more effective, and more actionable for your brand. The deep-dive into the consumer subconscious unlocks actionable insights around their beliefs and drivers — all with the speed and ease of using a digital platform.


How long does I-Factor take?

I-Factor® is fast and efficient. We can complete an I-Factor® study in as little as 4 weeks.* You’ll also immediately start tracking your brand equity in real-time through Social Listening. Specific timing is determined by individual needs regarding target and project scope.


Can I-Factor be customized? YES!

We’ve perfected the 18 question scale to get to the details of every consumer-brand relationship. But we know every brand has their unique challenges. For many clients, we further customize with add-on questions in line with existing measurements and definitions. We will customize your study to work with your current research to take your brand that much further.

What should a brand use I-Factor for?

To strategically position your brand by:

  • Understanding category dynamics
  • Introducing a new target audience
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Guiding media and messaging choices
  • Tracking long- and short-term equity
  • Creating a compelling brand narrative
  • Introducing a brand into the U.S. market
Who should use I-Factor?

I-Factor® is the perfect solution for CMO’s, Marketing Researchers, Insights Experts, and Brand Managers who want to get closer to their brand’s consumers. Brands looking to gain quick, relevant, and affordable insights are best poised to get the most out of an I-Factor® study.

What is your recruitment process?

After consulting with the brand to determine their ideal target and needs, (e.g. brand users, non-users, loyalists, regions, specific demographics, etc.) we collect bids from the industry’s top recruiters and select the one that works the best for the project at hand. We also inject traditional recruitment with progressive means to ensure a contemporary and relevant approach.


How soon can I see the data once the research is completed?

I-Factor® research will be uploaded to the dashboard and will be able to view in about a day.

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