Iconic Brands Are Suffering Major Losses

Kraft Heinz and Campbell’s are in trouble. Kraft Heinz’s stock price dropped 25 percent two weeks ago and their fourth-quarter earnings report that included a 15.4 billion asset write-down. Basically, they’re finally admitting that some of its brands are not worth...

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Is It Worth $5,000,000 To Buy A Super Bowl Ad?

$5 million for 30 seconds. I’ll write that again — $5 million for a 30-second commercial. The Super Bowl is not only football’s biggest day of the year but also advertising’s. Every year the question marketers ask themselves is, was it worth it? Will these brands get...

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We Can All Learn Something From Gillette

Gillette is one of the largest male brands in the world, but for the last few years, Dollar Shave Club has been pulling away Gillette’s customers one by one with their cheap, and delivered to your door razors. A few weeks ago Gillette was a brand on the brink of death...

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There’s Marketing Data, and Then There’s I-Factor

What do Campbell’s and Diet Pepsi have in common? Both are iconic brands that are on the verge of totally disappearing. Actually, all brands are always only a few bad quarters away from extinction. Why are brands that have been successful for decades struggling now?...

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The Prime Issue With Amazon

Projections for Prime Day were up to $3.4 billion within a 36 hour window, but the website glitches that occured on Monday put Amazon’s numbers in jeopardy.

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Recapturing the Love of the Health-Conscious Millennial

If you follow QSR news, Chipotle and Subway have both seen better days. In 2014, Chipotle’s store margins rose to 27.2 percent and net income increased by 36 percent. Chipotle opened 192 new stores in 2014 and Subway was opening 50 new shops a week in 2013. But in...

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Gen Z and Legacy Brands. The opportunity is real.

We’ve been saying it for awhile and we’ll say it again: it's time for marketers and brands to start paying attention to Gen Z. Why? Because they’re 68 million strong (26% of the population) and, in the next two years, they’ll make up 40% of consumers. Already adding...

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Fighting Amazon’s Private Label: Can Your Brand Win?

Amazon has everyone waiting. Waiting for the location of their second headquarters and for their entry into health care, which leaves many of us asking: is there anything Amazon can’t do? Last week, the online retail giant made a few announcements within the pet food...

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The Data Disconnect: What’s It Mean For Your Brand + Gen Z?

There’s lots of talk about big brands quickly losing their share to newer, smaller brands—especially when it comes to Millenials and Gen Z. Today every click, every purchase, every Uber ride can be turned into a data point. But with all of the expensive data that big...

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The Science Behind Cravings

I’ve been talking about the health-conscious consumer for a long time now, so I know even the healthiest people give into cravings every so often. And that’s because food cravings are just as powerful as--if not more than--our need to eat healthy. What a conundrum for...

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